Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Is my theme influences my mood?

Well, yes. colors in general have influence on our mood. Also they are a great tool to show your personality. Colors are a powerful communication tool and can be used to signal action, influence mood, and cause physiological reactions. Colors often have different meanings in various cultures. And even in Western societies, the meanings of various colors have changed over the years.

Why don't we test it on ourselves
I tried many personality tests, and the one I found most accurate is this one . It opened my eyes to different sides in my personality, I recommend you trying it. (No commercials or anything). 

After you tired it and realized what colors can indicate on a person I added some of my abstract and colorful themes that you may like: 

What is your favorite color? Please leave a comment

Top 5 themes

Without further introducing, here they are:

If you are interested you can see theme right here

Why did they succeed?

Here are my most bizarre themes that I didn't foresee their success. 

Eventually they became a few of my most successful themes. 

Can you tell me why? I am clueless..

Monday, September 29, 2014

Most beautiful themes

Hey there,

Here are my best themes so far.

 Tell me, why are they so special?

You can also see them here 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

So... why themes?

Hey there,

For those of you who doesn't even have a theme on their browser let me introduce it. 

Theme definition: In computing, a theme is a preset package containing graphical appearance details. Themes are used to customize the look and feel of a piece of computer software or of an operating system.

Well I guess you already know this, but I just wanted us to be on the same page on this. 

Personally, my personal browser theme is one that makes me smile whenever I open up a new tab. 

Let me tell you why. Imagine this- it's Monday, the weekend is just over and now you will have to wait for another 5 whole days (assuming it's morning) until you get your freedom. 
You are pretty depressed and don't have much motivation to begin working. You finally tell yourself it's time to start, so you begin by opening up Facebook, of course. You get into your browser and here it is! 

Some great pic that puts a smile on your face. 
Maybe it will also remind you that you have to get some work done, and that you will have plenty of time to just drift through the net later. 

Now you tell me, what makes you smile? 

Check ot my new themes!

Hey there,

I just uploaded some 20+ new themes you can check out here. 

Most of them are FREE.

Here are several sneak peaks, Enjoy!

For any ideas or requests for more themes please comment (=

First post


I am Neta, what's up?

I will update here on new themes I create, or if I have something special to show you guys.

Of course this is your place to give me suggestions for themes you want, comments on how to improve them, or just say hi:)

I have already uploaded over 200 themes. I know I am shocked as well...

So you can check them out right here.

Goodbye for now, have a great weekend!