Saturday, September 27, 2014

Check ot my new themes!

Hey there,

I just uploaded some 20+ new themes you can check out here. 

Most of them are FREE.

Here are several sneak peaks, Enjoy!

For any ideas or requests for more themes please comment (=


  1. I paid for the sunset forest theme, but it would not download on my system at work. please refund my money. I loved the look of it, but if i can't use it, it seems unfair to charge me.

  2. I bought Star Full Night, its one of the best themes, yet there are functionality problems.There is no noticeable link to my apps or gmail. They are not
    highlighted and I can't see the link to my gmail. The definition between tabs also needs to be better defined.

  3. I bought the milky way theme, however it's not showing up on my chrome. How do I get a refund?

  4. Your themes are some of the most beautiful I've seen. Would U please advise me how to post themes on the Google Themes sections?
    Thank You.

  5. These themes are so beautiful. I have bought the milky way theme, and it looks stunning on my computer :) Thank you so much I love this blog <3

  6. I love the dead vlei Namibia one, is it still available for purchase?